The Managed Account Advantage

RPA provides customized money management solutions to public sector employees: the people who take care of our safety, roads and administration of our communities. With PortfolioPlus  we:

  • Identify your risk tolerance
  • Recommend a portfolio
  • Select your investment options
  • Provide ongoing active account management while managing risk

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The Road to Retirement

On the road to retirement there are many detours such as purchasing a home or sending children to college. Then, during retirement, you face the challenge of managing your savings to provide income for 20, 30, even 40 years.

You talk. We listen. Together we’ll plan your retirement.
We work together to create a savings and investment strategy that’s right for you. RPA provides a broad range of financial strategies to help you navigate the road to retirement and beyond.

Retirement planning starts your first day on the job.
We’ll sit down and help you develop a retirement savings plan, including a disciplined approach for increasing your contributions over time. Along the way, we’ll talk with you about other financial considerations affecting you and your family.

Your plan requires ongoing attention and advice.
Year after year, we meet with you to review your investment strategy and retirement goals and to help with any of the financial challenges life hands you along the way. We’ll help you keep your retirement plan on course and provide you with any additional financial services you or your spouse might require.

Your plan doesn’t end with retirement.
When you retire, you may stop working. But we don’t.
You’ve done a good job saving. Now it’s time to convert your assets into an income stream lasting the rest of your life. We’ll work with you to determine the investment and distribution strategy that’s right for you and your family.

  • You take care of your community. Who’s taking care of you?

    Financial Planning for You, Your Spouse/Partner and Family.

    RPA financial advisors work with you and your family members providing an integrated financial plan and services.
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  • Speak With a Financial Advisor

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  • Let's Talk About:

    • Retirement Planning and Counseling
    • Independent Investment Advice
    • Roth and Traditional IRAs
    • Fee-based Managed Accounts
    • Mutual Fund Investing
    • Annuities and Insurance
    • College and Education Savings Plans