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Fiduciary Services for Your Plan

403 teachers and non profits

We know you are busy running your community and trying to balance a budget. You are asked to do more with less. At the same time, you are also a fiduciary on your 457, 403(b), and/or 401(a) retirement plan(s). While these programs are participant directed, they remain your responsibility. RPA can help!

With RPA’s SponsorPlus program, we stand with you as a plan fiduciary while maintaining your plan investment menu on a discretionary basis.


With SponsorPlus, even the smallest plans can benefit from investment advice from an independent Registered Investment Adviser. As a plan sponsor, you are responsible for your plan’s investment menu, leaving you to answer these key questions:

How well are our funds performing?
How many funds should we offer, and which ones?
When should we change funds, and using what criteria?

SponsorPlus answers these questions for you. With RPA’s SponsorPlus service, we provide clearly defined investment policies, regularly apply those policies to your plan, and update your plan investment menu as needed. RPA does the work necessary for you to meet your fiduciary obligations, so you don’t have to.


RPA serves as an ERISA 3(38) advisor and stands with you as a co-fiduciary on your plan investment menu. RPA provides:

An Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to govern plan investment decisions.
Initial investment menu selection to bring your plan’s investment menu in line with industry best practices.
Ongoing monitoring and automatic investment menu updates to ensure your plan remains competitive.
Availability of RPA’s PortfolioPlus program, an optional managed account service specifically designed for public sector retirement plans.

You don’t need more work. You need RPA.

To download the SponsorPlus program summary and a sample due diligence report, please click here.

To speak with an RPA investment professional about how SponsorPlus can benefit your plan, submit the form below.

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