PortfolioPlus is a professional money management service specifically designed for public sector retirement plans. Through our tactical approach to asset allocation and investment due diligence, we strive to increase return while managing risk.

Retirement Spotlight: Mike and Barbara

RPA sat down with Mike, a recently retired police officer. In this video, Mike shares his retirement story: the savings challenges and successes encountered throughout his career, and his advice for others.

I'm A Plan Fiduciary... What Does That Mean?

Being a Plan Sponsor and fiduciary is hard work. In addition to fulfilling your day-to-day responsibilities, your employees depend on you to manage their retirement plan.

Retirement Plan Advisors understands that you’re being asked to do more with less, and we’re here to help. That’s why we’ve rolled out the dough, piled on the toppings, and delivered you this video to help you understand your role as a Plan Sponsor and fiduciary.

Why Retirement Plan Advisors?

Why Retirement Plan Advisors In these tough economic times, public sector plan administrators are asked to do more with less. Learn how RPA works as a plan administrator partner and co-fiduciary, and can design retirement solutions that are right for a specific community.

Managing Fiduciary Liability

Managing Fiduciary Liability As a plan sponsor and fiduciary, you are responsible for building a tool box that allows your employees to successfully manage their investment decisions. Are you giving them the right tools? How do you know? Learn how RPA’s role as a co-fiduciary can help you do a better job managing your town’s retirement plan.

Investing for Retirement: The RPA Service Model and PortfolioPlus

RPA’s service model is built around you – the employee. You need to be able to invest for retirement in the way that’s most comfortable for you. RPA’s decades of experience with public employees have taught us that there are generally three types of investors: do it myself, help me do it, do it for me. Regardless of what type of investor you are, RPA can help. Learn about RPA’s service model and PortfolioPlus.

Let's Talk About The Future.

RPA Founder and President Joshua Schwartz talks about how RPA provides even the smallest communities the same high quality retirement advice found on Wall Street. With RPA, the future is better than you think.